“A tribe is viewed, historically or developmentally, as a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states. Many people used the term tribal society to refer to societies organized largely on the basis of social, especially familial, descent groups (see clan and kinship).” – Wikipedia

tribe-leaderYes, divers as a whole are tribal. It starts out to be just you or you and a buddy. Next thing you know, you have joined some type of dive tribe.

Tribes are formed by common need. Of our common needs, sharing is foremost. The telling and retelling of an adventure is necessary; it gives us great esteem in the eyes of our listeners. Protection. When an adversary sniffs around the camp, as an entity we become wary and have joint sessions about whether we like them or not. Reef Walker? Hate him. Common folk, like them. If the tribe feels threatened it becomes a cohesive force to be reckoned with. Each tribe also determines whether they want to add to the tribe or not. Finally, there is a unity with other tribes, provided (of course) we like them…….otherwise, they are nothing more than a bunch of deadbeats.

Basically this is the reason we like to dive as a tribe. Could you travel cheaper on your own? Absolutely. Would you get the protection of a prideful backing of fellow tribal members? I doubt it.

Tri-State offers to our tribe:

  • All details of planning and execution of all phases of the trip.
  • Books only the best in diving and accommodations regardless of price range.
  • Controls the dives, making sure we don’t dive where the cruise shipper’s dive and that we don’t dive with tribes we don’t like.
  • Watches out for the safety of new and more experienced divers alike.
  • Always has an owner (or both owners) traveling with you. That is 42 years of professional dive experience to draw on.
  • Some of the coolest land experiences possible based on what an area has to offer.
  • Complete enjoyment of precious holiday time and protection of your hard earned money.

The Tribe in return gives Tri-State:

  • An unlimited wealth of stories to be told and enjoyed by everyone forever.

Tri-State’s Travel Tribe has been acquiring new members on a consistent basis. Through the group’s loyalty our trips now rival even the most successful dive centers in the country. The Tri-State Tribe has a lot to be proud of!