Here’s a look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

best-shark-hug-brochureWHAT ABOUT SHARKS? Steven Spielberg, an avid scuba diver, once said in an interview, “My only career regret is making Jaws. I had no idea what a negative impact it would have on both sharks and people – forever.” Divers love sharks and feel blessed to dive with them.

HOW DEEP DO YOU GO? There are maximum depths for recreational diving but we rarely go deep. The reef and fish in the sunlight are just too gorgeous to pass up.

IS SCUBA DIVING EXPENSIVE? Let’s put it this way….it is much less expensive than destination skiing!!

WHERE DO YOU DIVE IN OHIO? Not the Ohio River! There are several lovely quarries within a 3 hour drive, both north and south, which cater to divers. Most have very cool aquatic life and camping available.

WHAT ARE THE AGE LIMITS? We start certifying our kids at the age of ten and have certified many in their seventies. This is a life time sport which gets easier on us the older we get and is never boring or competitive.

DO YOU HAVE TO BE A GOOD SWIMMER? Comfort in the water is an important aspect of diving, but you do not have to be an athlete by any means. The equipment we use today is so well designed that even a so-so swimmer will be safe and have fun.

IS THERE A WAY TO TRY IT OUT BEFORE COMMITTING TO CLASS? Absolutely! “Discover Scuba” is done in our toasty warm pool. You need to bring only a towel and bathing suit; we handle the rest!

HOW LONG IS THE CERTIFICATION GOOD? Your entire life, all over the world. We do however recommend a “Refresher Course” if you have been out of the water more that two years… is always first.

I WAS CERTIFIED A LONG TIME AGO. DO I HAVE TO RETAKE THE COURSE? No, the “Refresher Course” will get you back up to speed.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ANYONE TO DIVE WITH? No problem there! We travel in fun groups, will set you up with a great roommate and end up with lots of new friends. Not to mention a fantastic vacation! If you want to dive locally we do have groups going to our private quarry and can make sure you have a buddy to explore the quarry with. It is soooo much fun!