Here we are……back from another exciting adventure on the Aqua Cat.

aqcatThe Cat is docked in Paradise Island, Nassau. Just seeing that fabulous boat sitting there, ready for the divers to board, lets you know that you are in for a great dive vacation. With awesome food, diving and service….large cabins with windows… showers on the dive deck and warm cookies to warm you up after your dive this trip really rocks. Oh my, we are so spoiled! The boat runs the Exuma Cays and Eluthra.

We saw an 11 to 12 foot hammerhead early on, to be followed by reef sharks daily. Turtles, rays, garden eels, spotted morays, lettuce leaf nudies and so much more kept the cameras busy. So did the panties we secretly attached to Jon’s tank on one dive and the rubber chicken we put on Dale’s tank. Now that’s a sight to see underwater. Lesley received her 2nd IRON DIVER AWARD for doing all the dives offered – 27!!!!

The rubber chicken is given to any diver that commits a chicken-able offense. As much as I harp to the students “check your air – check your air – check your air” I almost went in with my air off. Now that is a chicken-able offense. But the chicken was immediately passed on to one of the boat DiveMasters who jumped in without fins! The rubber chicken really got around that week. The chicken even made it to the Captain’s party Thursday night; late in the evening someone decided to start chicken-chugging beer.

During the week, besides diving, there was fishing, snorkel boarding, paddle boarding, beach walks, a shopping trip, a visit to see the Iguanas and a tour of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The staff just insists that you have fun.

This trip is one of our annual faves…..we book it almost every year. Even the ride back and forth to the airport is great. Yes, there’s sight seeing, but listening to the local drivers talk US politics and world affairs is over the top.

When you go, plan to laugh and have fun – that is what the Cat is all about. If you are going on your own, let us know so that we can introduce you to their wonderful booking staff. –